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ABOUT Maureen


I love books, reading them perhaps to excess, and especially designing them. I am a self-taught book designer/graphic artist.  Some many years back I was in a writing group with amazingly talented writers.  I said to them, "you should be published", but, they replied, "It is terribly hard to get one's foot in a publisher's door, almost impossible!"  So I decided to create and publish a literary journal, the Equinox.  It lasted five years, at which point I kind of burned out on the financing and marketing duties of such an enterprise.  But I learned so much about designing and formatting books and loved the pleasure of helping self-publishing authors make a literary dream come to fruition.  So I established The Booksmyth.  What a delight! I meet interesting, nice people and help them turn their messy manuscript into a lovely book they can share with pleasure.

If you too need help turning your literary dream into beautiful reality, I will look forward to chatting with you.  Just send me a note from my Contact page.  If you need to know what my services cost, check out my "Services" page

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